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Do You Yo-Yo Diet?

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Yo-Yo-DietHave you ever noticed that when a man and a woman diet, and they “fall off the wagon,” the woman’s weight piles on at extreme speeds and in huge amounts compared to how slow and insignificant in volume that a man’s comes back on?

That’s all thanks to a woman’s specific hormone stores – the one that signals to your brain that it needs to go into survival mode and slow the engine down so that you’re not only not burning fat, but storing as much extra fat as possible.

It stinks knowing you’re not living in the caveman era where your body might need that protection – and yet your body doesn’t know that. It just knows you were once eating ample amounts of food (and it liked it) and then you weren’t (and it made you drained of energy, irritable, and unhappy) – and now you’re eating again – so it’s going to save up for a rainy day.

Yo Yo Dieting is when your weight starts high, drops to a nice low level, and rises back up again – and it’s so very dangerous for your body.

It also makes it hard for you to lose weight again, so the longer you allow yourself to jump on and off the diet rain, the more long-term damage you’ll be doing – and you’ll find it hard to lose weight the next time around.

You’re probably just thinking about aesthetics – about how you hate the cottage cheese look on your thighs. But get a bit deeper in the problem here.

Yo yo dieting can:

  • Increase your risk of developing heart disease because your cells get damaged and can’t promote blood flow properly.
  • Ruin your metabolism
  • Increase your risk of cancer
  • Increase your risk of developing diabetes
  • Flood your body with cortisol (the stress hormone)
  • Ruin your arteries
  • Raise your LDL (bad cholesterol)

And guess what? If you’ve yo yo dieted more than five times, you’re at an even BIGGER risk in your life.

So now you’re panicking thinking you’re scared – because what if you go on another diet journey and fail again?

That’s what Barban is working to help women avoid with The Venus Factor. Watching his sister go through it, he initially created this system just to help his loved one – but of course, it’s now helping women worldwide stop the crazy diet train and have long-term weight loss success instead.

Some women – Moms in particular, have an even tougher time. If you’re a Mom, you wouldn’t trade it for the world. You love your kids. But an unfortunate fact that Barban reveals is that women who have been pregnant have it even worse when it comes to their bodies hanging onto fat for stored energy!


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